Who We Are

Future Smiles is a non-profit program dedicated to help children achieve a lifetime of dental wellness by providing a wide range of educational, preventive, and restorative services.

What We Do

We provide preventive care services including screenings, dental cleanings, fluoride varnish treatment, dental sealants, x-rays.

The NWP Dental Wellness Center is equipped to provide restorative services including comprehensive exams, fillings, and extractions.

Why We're Special

Dental disease includes tooth decay and is recognized as the single most chronic childhood disease, occurring five times more frequently than asthma. In Nevada, approximately 70% of children have current or treated decay, while the national average is 53%.

Future Smiles is on a mission to end oral pain and suffering among Nevada's neediest children by breaking down barriers to care.

We operate at school-based locations throughout Southern Nevada to provide essential preventive and restorative oral health services and education. We address oral health at the earliest preventive stages to decrease the incidence of oral disease.